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◎ 单词释义

a. 下划线的

v give extra weight to (a communication)
v draw a line or lines underneath to call attention to



It underlines the isolation and separateness of life here.


Yeah but look what's underlined 3 times.

对 但你看他划了记号的地方

But I just couldn't let go of those underlined words.


I would make notes, do sketches, underline certain passages.

我做过笔记 画过草图 勾划过段落

Uh, he used to underline them and scribble in them, note all up and down the sides.

他经常写写画画的 在边上写各种笔记

I underlined a passage that I think will give you comfort.

我划出了几章 我觉得能抚慰你的章节

Becky underlined sentences in my paperbacks as though she owned them.

贝基会在我的平装书里给句子划线 似乎那是属于她的

But please let me underline that this is an instructional video shot for surgeons.

但请容许我强调 这只是为外科医生录制的 指导性视频

I underlined passages not very subtle but I actually think page 35 is more for you now.

我在一些句子下面划了线 有点直接 不过我觉得第35页的内容很适合你现在看

The actual message is hidden in a single sentence that's indicated by the number underlined in the date.

真正的信息只藏在一句话里 这句话由加了下划线的日期标示