音标/读音 ['midsekʃәn]
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◎ 单词释义

n. 中央部分, 上腹部
[医] 正中切开

n the middle area of the human torso (usually in front)



But she's cradling her midsection, and her hu*and's got bruised up knuckles.

可当时她捂着自己的肚子 而且她丈夫的指节有淤青

The familiar gauze slats around their midsection first appeared in 1965.

中间熟悉的条状纱网 最早出现在1965年

They find a mysterious cable attached to the midsection, just like the one on the stern.

他们发现了一根连接船中的神秘缆绳 很像船尾上的那根缆绳

Right, well, either it caromed to your midsection, or it hitched a ride up through your venous system.

对 要么是子弹反弹进入了你的躯干部 要么是被静脉系统冲进去的

They're what we in the medical profession call omphalopagus twins, joined by a band of cartilage and soft tissue in their midsection.

她们的情况在医学界被称为 上腹部联胎 她们的上腹部 由软骨和软组织相连