音标/读音 ['dɒgfaɪt]
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◎ 单词释义

n. 混战;空战;狗咬狗
vi. 在空中缠斗;进行混战
vt. 用…进行空中格斗;同…混战

v arrange for an illegal dogfight
v engage in an aerial battle with another fighter plane



I think we got a dogfight going on in there.


I just rescued him from a dogfighting ring.


So when he was 11, dad started hosting these dogfights.

所以在汤米11岁的时候 父亲开始举办斗狗比赛

So we ended up with a dogfight anyway, at sea level.

所以最后你还是得狗斗 在海平面上

Pilot of ours claims to have gotten into a dogfight with an alien craft.

我们的一位飞行员声称和一艘外星飞行器 陷入了近距离空战

Then we head right into the ambush take our chances in a dogfight.

然后我们就只能进入伏击圈 在混战中自求多福了

Yeah, we fire first, take our chances at a dogfight.

是的 我们先开火 在混战中把握战机

..when you took me from a dogfight, made me your scullery maid, and then your wife.

你从一场斗狗中救了我 让我做你的女帮佣 后来又娶了我

Men who actually know what it feels like to be in a dogfight.

你们知道如何打败对手 赢得比赛

Wind currents push it toward his plane, and he thinks he's in a dogfight.

风流把它推向他的飞机 于是他就认为自己被卷入了近距离空战