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◎ 单词释义

a. 滤过的

v remove by passing through a filter
v pass through
v run or flow slowly, as in drops or in an unsteady stream



This room has filtered air, filtered water.


I got solar power, generators, water filters, air filters.

我这有太阳能 发电机 饮用水过滤器 空气过滤器

When the paste is ready, they put the paste inside this filter, and when you have about 15 or 20 filters full, you are ready for the press.

把磨出来的糊状物放入这个过滤器中 大概装满十五至二十个过滤器之后 就可以准备压榨了

And this watch when I toggle the filter on and off.

还有这个 我开关这个筛选功能

Fine, it has a charcoal filter in it.

好啦 里面有个木炭屁味过滤器

I thought that was an Instagram filter.


You can filter it. I can't, it's too strong. I can't.

过滤掉这种感受 我停不下 太强大了 我办不到

It came through on one of my filters.


And then my mother would filter them...through muzzle.


The process begins by filtering out the impurities.