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◎ 单词释义

崇拜, 敬仰, 爱慕(worship的现在分词)

v love unquestioningly and uncritically or to excess; venerate as an idol
v show devotion to (a deity)
v attend religious services



But for those who worshipped and still worship here, there's another way of reading this writing.

然而这些文字对于曾经以及现在的崇拜者来说 有其他解读的方式

Plenty of worship to go around once worship gets redistributed.

一旦崇拜重新划分 总会有很多可待分配

I worship your breasts and your eyes and your cunt, and I worship your thighs and your eyes and your cherryred lips.

我崇拜你的*和眼睛 还有你的* 我崇拜你的大腿 你的眼睛 还有你樱桃红色的嘴唇

I worshipped you, and you weren't very nice to me.

我那时很崇拜你 你对我却不怎么样

And these people worship me because they don't know that.


This is a temple, ??and we have come to worship.

这是神殿 我们来此朝拜

He's a very wealthy buffoon and he worships you.

他是个非常富有的小丑 并且崇拜你

I would string you up for all your worshipers to see.

我会把你悬场示众 供你的崇拜者观赏

The prince of peace that's where I worship.

和平公主 我一般会去那里

I have five grandchildren; I worship them.

我有五个孙辈 我很爱他们