音标/读音 [dɪs'pæʃənətlɪ]
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◎ 单词释义

adv. 不动感情地, 冷静地; 平心静气

r. in an impartially dispassionate manner



I'm being dispassionate about you; I'm coming.

我对你尚能公正评价 我就要去

I was told to be objective and dispassionate.

我被告知 要客观公正地作答

Gunshot wound to the head is is dispassionate.

向头部开枪 这十分残忍

I deliver it as directly and dispassionately as I can.


Well, I'm just dispassionately looking at the facts.


Okay. I'll give dispassionate narrator a try.

好吧 我试试冷静的写写

Now, remember our strategy calm and dispassionate.

记住我们的策略 冷静 平心静气

But we can only do that with a completely dispassionate and unprejudiced point of view.

但是我们只有保持绝对的冷静 摒弃偏见 才能做到这一点

Cornell made all his decisions in dispassionate and logical terms.

康奈尔做出的决定都是 冷静而且合乎逻辑的

But random, dispassionate, fair to rich and poor alike.

但是随机 公正 不分贫富