音标/读音 ['aisәleit]
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◎ 单词释义

vt. 使隔离, 使孤立, 使绝缘
n. 隔离种群

v. place or set apart
v. obtain in pure form
v. separate (experiences) from the emotions relating to them



There's being cut off and there's being cut off there's isolation and there's isolation.

如果路被切断 那么他们就与世隔绝

No, everyone's isolated, I know, but I'm more than isolated.

不 每个人都隔离了 但我隔绝得更厉害

You feel isolated by the world, but it's not the world isolating you.

你觉得被世界孤立了 但不是世界在孤立你

This is the big isolator space, where all the isolators for the building are, 530 of them.

这是一个巨大的隔震空间 这里有530个隔震器

Now, if their partner leaves them, or for whatever reason the relationship breaks down, that man is potentially isolated, or more likely to be emotionally isolated, because men don't tend to have the broader network of emotional support that women have.

假如他们的伴侣离开了 或出于某种原因 一段关系结束了 那个男人就可能变得孤立 或者更容易在情感上孤立起来 因为男性不容易拥有像女性 那样宽广的情感支持网络

If she is infectious, then you would have to be isolated, too.

如果她感染了 那你也得被隔离了

But they don't connect him, they isolate him.

可它们无法"联系"他 反而"孤立"了他

On our own, in isolation, we perish.


No. If he does it once, in isolation, of course not.

不算 如果只有一次 就一次的话当然不算

Yeah, that could have been isolating for her.

没错 这可能让她与社会孤立