音标/读音 ['laitә]
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◎ 单词释义

n. 点火者, 点灯工人, 打火机, 驳船
vt. 以驳船搬运

n. a device for lighting or igniting fuel or charges or fires
v. transport in a flatbottom boat



I'm lighter than *ing... I'm lighter than hydrogen, which is, unbeknownst to many, even lighter than helium.

我比... 我比氢气还轻 很多人不知道 氢气甚至比氦气更轻

All he had on him was this snazzy lighter.


It could make it stronger and lighter.

这能让它更坚固 更轻盈

If he drops that lighter, he'll kill her.

如果他扔下那个打火机 她就死定了

Unfortunately, he wasn't buried with a lighter.

很不幸 坟墓中没有打火机

Okay, I don't have matches or a lighter.

好 可我没有火柴和打火机

They squirmed as he brought the lighter down.


And stop it with the lighter. It's bothering me.

还有别玩打火机 烦到我了

This one's lighter than I'm used to.


On a lighter note, I have this present.

来点轻松的 我这儿有个小礼物