音标/读音 ['tenfәuld]
中考 高考 考研 四级 六级 雅思 托福 GRE

◎ 单词释义

a. 十倍的, 十重的
adv. 十倍地, 十重地

s. containing ten or ten parts
r. by ten times as much



巴勃罗受害者反抗组织 was finally back on him tenfold.

捍卫哥伦比亚 全部加倍奉还

I would make you suffer tenfold for what I had suffered.

我会让你忍受 我十倍的痛苦

We have grown tenfold in the last eight months.


If you exert yourself, the bleeding will worsen tenfold.

你要是用力的话 出血速度会大大加快

When the king leads his men, he increases their strength tenfold.

如果国王统帅着他的人马 他们的力量会增加十倍

Without their free labour, prices on such items would have gone up tenfold.

没免费劳工 这些产品要贵十倍

Chinatown has grown tenfold in the years since you made that agreement.

你们定下协议后 中国城的规模增长了十倍

For every ounce of blood I spill, he will pay tenfold.

我每流下一滴血 他都要十倍奉还

During a big storm, this expansion can increase the density of the gases here tenfold.

在一次巨大的风暴中 膨胀可以使气体密度增加十倍

Between that airplane thing, and you taking a bite outta that girl, your downloads are up tenfold.

离奇航班生还者 再加上女孩被你狠咬 让你的歌曲下载量翻了十倍