音标/读音 ['bukki:pә]
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◎ 单词释义

n. 簿记员
[经] 簿记员, 记帐员

n. someone who records the transactions of a business



She doesn't have to be a *ing bookkeeper.


And he did some bookkeeping whenever we were shorthanded.

我們缺人手的時候 他也會幫我們記賬

She was a bookkeeper for this guy who embezzled money.

她是会计 她的上司 挪用了*

I'm, of course, perhaps mistaken in the bookkeeping.

当然了 可能是我管账时出错了

Soon. I got my bookkeeper on it as we speak.

快了 在我们说话时我的簿记员查到了

I was an accountant and his bookkeeper before I got demoted to being his wife.

我在成为她的妻子之前 曾经是他的会计和记账员

I could start a real bookkeeping business with that thing.

有了它 我都能開展真正的記賬生意了

My father was a science teacher, and my mother was a bookkeeper.

我爸爸是名科学教师 我妈妈是个会计

we're gonna have to fire her idiot nephew from bookkeeping.


A neighborhood girl who took a job as their bookkeeper when she was 19.