音标/读音 [ˈplu:md]
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◎ 单词释义

a. 饰有羽毛的

s. having or covered with or abounding in plumes



Cassini was able to go through the plumes and detected the presence of organics in the plumes.

卡西尼号能够穿越卷流 还能够发现卷流中的有机物

..and I see this plume of *oke coming, like a plume of snow *oke.

有一股烟飘过来 可以说是雪组成的烟

If you have plumes, that means you have energy.

如果出现了卷流 说明星球具有能量

This plume of white reveals they're in their final stage.


And keep us in front of their drive plume.


And choking on its billowing plume of highly rated dust.


Any experiment that has a plume of *oke shooting to the sky is, by definition, awesome.

任何有浓烟冲向天空的实验 都是真正出色的实验

Add the bomb blast plume, eliminating human carnage.

把爆炸过程加上 去除受害者的部分

That's the drive plume of a ship decelerating hard toward us.


We can see behind it, plumes of water caused by a propeller.

我们可以看到在潜艇的后面 是螺旋桨激起的羽状流水波