音标/读音 ['dæŋgl]
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◎ 单词释义

vi. 摇晃地悬挂着, 追求
vt. 使摇晃地悬挂
n. 悬垂

v. hang freely
v. cause to dangle or hang freely



If she's a dangle, she's learned something about you.

如果她是诱饵 就对你有所了解了

That's why I cooked up this fakegirlfriend dangle.


They dangle these things in front of you.


That spark you dangled out the window.


‐ I did not dangle‐‐ ‐ and you snatched it away.

我沒有... 然后又奪走了希望

He kept me dangling for a while, trembling.

有段時間他吊我胃口 為他顫抖

He likes to pull the strings, not dangle from them.

他喜欢操纵别人 他可不喜欢被埋伏

That asset turned out to be a dangle...a trap.

结果那名线人是个诱饵 是个陷阱

At which point, he was no longer dangling, but falling.

在某个时间点 他不再悬在那里 而是掉了下去

She loves to dangle that, but she is definitely coming.

她很喜欢这样说 但她一定会去