音标/读音 [ʃeik]
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◎ 单词释义

n. 摇动, 震动
vt. 摇动, 动摇, 使震动, 挥舞
vi. 震动, 发抖, 动摇

v. move or cause to move back and forth
v. move with or as if with a tremor
v. undermine or cause to waver
v. get rid of



This is shaking beef because you shake it.

这是"翻炒牛肉" 得名于翻炒手法

Don't need to shake it, ground shakes on its own.

根本不用去敲打 它自己会露出马脚的

So by shaking down the fruit, we're gonna shake out the spider.

所以把果子摇下来的同时 也会把蜘蛛摇出来

And what shakes us, or tries to shake us up.

什么会让我们动摇 或让我们害怕

She's just gonna start shaking her and shaking her.

她就会开始摇晃她 不停的摇晃她

The lord said shake the tree, and I'm shaking it.

上帝说摇一摇树 我摇了

Am I still shaking? I feel like I'm still shaking.

我在颤抖吗 感觉自己还在颤抖

can't shake what I did, who I did it to.


Others, they just shake and shake even after their heart stops.

还有人心跳停了之后 身体还在抖

Because I just get in and I shake up in there, fast as I can. I just shake.