音标/读音 [kәu'ɔpәrәtiv]
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◎ 单词释义

a. 合作的;合作社的

n. a jointly owned commercial enterprise (usually organized by farmers or consumers) that produces and distributes goods and services and is run for the benefit of its owners
n. an association formed and operated for the benefit of those using it
a. done with or working with others for a common purpose or benefit



So they are trying to coerce him into cooperating, into asking you to cooperate.

所以他们想逼迫他合作 以此让你屈服

There is cooperating and then there's cooperating, which is why our forefathers invented discovery documents.

这里有合作 那里也有合作 所以我们的祖先才发明了发现文档

You cooperate, and we won't have to.

只要你老实配合 我们就用不着伤害你们

Because ultimately you have to live with these consequences whether you cooperate with us or don't cooperate with us.

因为不管你是否跟我们合作 最终承担这些后果的人还是你

If he cooperates with the inspectors, if he says how much material he's got, if he cooperates fully with them, then the issue's over.

要是他能配合覈查人員 要是他承認藏有多少殺傷性武器 要是他能完全配合覈查人員 那麼問題就解決了

Father, if I do this, you have to cooperate.

父亲 如果我这么做 你必须好好配合

But that is not why I'm asking you to cooperate with me.


And he won't cooperate with me, but he admires you.

他不配合我 但他尊敬你

This is space. It does not cooperate.

这是太空 不会什么都顺着你来

Cooperate and we'll be out of here in a few hours.

要是你乖乖合作 几个小时就能完事