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◎ 单词释义

adv. 共同地;团结地

adv. In a corporate capacity; acting as a corporate body.
adv. In, or as regarda, the body.



Our whole corporate culture is that we don't have a corporate culture.

我们的企业文化就是 没有企业文化

Sometimes big corporations, they have fixers on their payroll to prevent corporate espionage.

有些大公司 他们会雇佣 处理人来防止商业间谍事件的发生

when our corporate overlords realize that we have saved them from corporate espionage, they are going to be grateful.

当我们公司的老大发现 我们阻止了一场商业间谍活动 他们会心存感激的

Ederlezi corporation guidelines demand troubleshoot health check if the pilot stops complying with the protocols of ederlezi corporation.

当飞行员未遵循艾德莱兹集团规章时 艾德莱兹集团准则要求 对其进行故障排查体检

We can help you set up a shell corporation with a third party listed as the registered agent and have the shell corporation make the donation to us.

我们可以帮你建立空壳公司 将一个第三方列为主持人 再让这家空壳公司向我们捐款

Instead it goes to our own corporations to build infrastructure projects in that country, power plants, highways, industrial parks, things that benefit a few wealthy families in that country, as well as our corporations, but don't help the majority of the people at all.

而是到了我们公司手中 用来建设基础设施 如发电厂 高速公路 工业园区等 只能为该国家少数富有的家族与我们公司 带来利益的工程 根本不是为了帮助大多数人

That's the corporation she left most of her money.


You won't just be some corporate spinner.


The cottage was purchased by the corporation.


I could work for that soulsucking corporation.