音标/读音 ['hә:bәlist]
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◎ 单词释义

n. 草药医生
[医] 草药医

n. a therapist who heals by the use of herbs



If they've been to an herbalist, we want 'em.

如果他们去看过中医 就是我们需要的人

And the only man she ever sees is her herbalist.


She stopped at an herbalist chiropractor acupuncturist.

她去了一家中医馆 *店 针灸店

If you mean *s, I'm just a simple herbalist.

我不賣* 只是個賣草藥的罷了

Run along to the herbalist and pick up a few things.

去草药师那走一趟 拿点东西

I had to go to three different herbalists and a sanctimonious hipster.

我去了三家草药店 还去找了个 装模作样的嬉皮士

The herbalist said two pinches into a glass of water.